Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wrapping up: what do I do with all this great info?

          So when I wrote my proposal for this project forever ago (in May, time has flown), I originally said that I wanted to write a final paper at the end to summarize my work. But now that I have all this great information in front of me, it feels like a paper wouldn't be a very effective use of it. I'm still going to summarize my work in a short paper, but I want to do something more meaningful with it.

          I would like to create something that's sleek and graphic, that concisely tells beginners how to become urban beekeepers. I've read a few full-length books and blogs that talk about it, but I'm not satisfied with that and want to think of another way.

          A brochure?
          A booklet?
          A big poster to display at farmer's markets and beekeeper's meeting?

          Please let me know if you have an idea for how I could effectively reach those interested in urban beekeeping. Also, let me know if you know of a good program to make these great graphic things in!


  1. I think you should do an automated slide show (including audio) that has great things to see and interesting facts in the voice overs.
    I think you should create an infographic.

  2. Hello,
    I love your pictures of beekeeping in brooklyn. Can you please contact me to let me know how can I use them for a book?

  3. Erwan, I sent you an email. Look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Kate,

    Nice blog and congrats on the SURF. I suppose there are lots of things you can do with this stuff. Maybe set up some sort of installation of your pictures some place on campus, have a potluck at the CCCG where you talk about what folk are doing in NYC and how its relevant to CH or how to make lasting ties between the two communities. You could also do a talk during one of the department's colloquiums.